AI firm ‘Runway’ releases app that offers users video editing

AI firm 'Runway' releases app that offers users video editing

Runway, an AI firm that collaborated on the creation of Stable Diffusion, an AI picture generator, released its first mobile app on Monday to give consumers access to Gen-1, its video-to-video generative AI model.

Currently, iOS devices are the only ones that can use the software.

What does runway AI do?

Users will be able to record videos from their phones and create AI videos with the new software in a matter of minutes. Any movie already in their library can be changed by using text prompts, pictures, or style presets.

Users can choose from the presets provided by Runway, such as “Cloudscape,” or they can alter their videos to make it appear to be a claymation, charcoal sketch, watercolour painting, paper origami or any type of art. They can also enter text or upload a picture into the text box.

The app will produce four previews for users to choose from. It will take a few minutes to create the finished item once they have decided which one they prefer.

Naturally, like any AI generator, the outputs can appear warped or bizarre. The idea of AI video makers could come off as goofy or even gimmicky. However, as technology advances and gets better over time, users may find value in it. Content producers, for instance, can spruce up their social media posts.

What does RunwayAi cost?

Two paid plans are available for Runway’s new mobile app: Standard ($143.99/year) and Pro ($344.91/year). You receive 625 credits each month under the basic plan in addition to other premium services like 1080p video, limitless projects and others. The Pro package includes all 30+ AI tools from Runway and 2,250 credits per month.

When can we access Runway Gen-2?

Runway brought out its Gen-2 model one month after Gen-1, which debuted in February, and went on sale. Gen-2, a text-to-video generator, is arguably an improvement above text-to-image models Stable Diffusion and DALL-E because it allows users to create videos from start.

According to Valenzuela, Runway has started to gradually offer out access to its closed beta for Gen-2.

Gen-2 will soon be available with Runway’s other AI capabilities, such as its image-to-image generator, and will replace the Gen-1 model that the app now supports.

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