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E-Tachi mobiles price in Pakistan. 4 Star, B 105 VIP, B-5310, B1

,B100 BIG POWER, B105 Lite, B105 Lite v2, B105 Lite Vip, B105 v2, B105 VIP, B110 PRO, B12, B12 v2, B12 Vip, B13


The company  started journey in 2019 as a small business venture , but with the enthusiastic support of E-Tachi, we have now turned into the biggest mobile manufacturer in Pakistan . Here at E-Tachi we aim not only to provide our customers with high quality, budget-friendly products but also to build a long-lasting and meaningful relationship with them. With our widest range of E-Tachi products, exclusive bundles, amazing design, long warranty period, and nationwide coverage.

Good compliance systems are the solid foundation on which the company can operate healthily. Managers must recognise the importance of compliance, and invest resources in compliance on a sustained basis. Every E-Tachi employee should proactively fulfill their own compliance obligations. Compliance is an expression of our Benfen values, and it is a step toward our vision of a healthy, sustainable company.