Ministry of Federal Education & Professional Training inks contract with PTCL to run 4 educational channels on PTCL Smart TV App

Ministry of Federal Education & Professional Training inks contract with PTCL to run 4 educational channels on PTCL Smart TV App
Ministry of Federal Education & Professional Training inks contract with PTCL to run 4 educational channels on PTCL Smart TV App

ISLAMABAD – Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training (MoFEPT) and Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) signed an agreement for the provision of 04 educational OTT channels in order to deliver educational content to students across the country, at a ceremony in Islamabad on Thursday. The channels will boost accessibility to quality educational content to foster learning and growth amongst students of different age groups.

Minister of Federal Education & Professional Training, Rana Tanveer Hussain was the Chief Guest at the occasion. Federal Secretary-MOFEPT, Aamir Ashraf Khawaja and Federal Secretary IT, Mohsin Mushtaq also attended the event. Contract was signed by Additional Secretary (MOFEPT), Waseem Ajmal Chaudhary and Group Chief Business Solutions Officer (PTCL & Ufone), Zarrar Hasham Khan.

Under the agreement, PTCL will provide 04 channels to the MOFEPT on its OTT Smart TV platform to deliver educational content for live viewing and downloading to students throughout the country. The digital channels will be available free of cost nationwide. The initiative will help MOFEPT in taking a stride toward digitalization of the education system for greater efficiency and improved learning.

During the ceremony, Rana Tanveer Hussain, Federal Ministry of Education and Professional Training said, “The arrangement with PTCL is an important step toward the digitalization of Pakistan’s educational system based on the latest learning and tutoring techniques. We believe the time is ripe for such interventions because there is nationwide penetration of smartphones and speedy internet even across remote regions. We are glad to have found a collaborative partner in PTCL that shares our vision for such a ground-breaking initiative for the advancement of learning in society. Digitalization is the future and we will explore the opportunities for enhancing the scope and reach of this initiative for a sustainable and deeper impact”.

Speaking at the occasion, Waseem Ajmal Chaudhary, Additional Secretary MOFEPT said “The 04 OTT educational channels will be completely free of cost so that the educational material is accessible to students from all socioeconomic backgrounds without any need for a subscription. This step will play a significant role in the socioeconomic development of the country. Moreover, the initiative furthers MOFEPT’s continuous endeavor to foster social good for the people of Pakistan”.

Commenting on the agreement, Zarrar Hasham Khan, Group Chief Business Solutions Officer, PTCL & Ufone said, “PTCL is the largest ICT services provider having footprint across Pakistan and being a company playing a pivotal role in driving digital transformation revolution in the country, needs partners to boost education sector. This will create synergies to revolutionize the educational system of Pakistan and enable all geographical areas with modern learning mechanisms.”

Senior officials from MOFEPT & PTCL also attended the ceremony.

SnackVideo secures ISO27001 and ISO27701 certification for security


SnackVideo announced it acquired the ISO/IEC 27701 and ISO/IEC 27001 certification in China and several other countries in Latin America, Southeast and South Asia, and the Middle East.

ISO/IEC 27701 and ISO/IEC 27001 is an international standard on how to manage information security. ISO/IEC 27701 is a privacy extension to ISO/IEC 27001 with additional requirements in order to establish, implement, maintain, and continually improve a Privacy Information Management System (PIMS). For SnackVideo, that proves that it is handling personal data with worldwide standards recognized in the industry.

Calvin Liu, head of SnackVideo Compliance, Communication Experience and Partnership says: This certification reflects SnackVideo’s social responsibility and commitment to user information security, marking that SnackVideo has reached the international advanced level.

The ISO/IEC 27701 and ISO/IEC 27001 detail requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an information security management system (ISMS). It’s primary aim is to help organizations safeguard and protect their assets.

The independent third-party auditor performed a series of careful checks to confirm that SnackVideo’s controls, global security, and risk operations met the highest standards. These were done to evaluate how the platform protects its development, infrastructure, operations, and services, ISO 27001 requires that management:

●     Systematically monitor the organisation’s information security risks, taking account of the weaknesses, threats, and their effects;

●     Design and implement a well-organised and comprehensive chamber of information security controls and/or other forms of risk treatment (such as ways to avoid and transfer risk) to address those risks that are deemed unacceptable; and

●     Adopt an overarching management process to ensure that the information security controls continue to meet the organisation’s information security needs on a daily basis.

Zhang Hua, head of Kuaishou Information Security says,[1]  “Achieving the ISO 27701 and 27001 certification is another step in our comprehensive security journey. SnackVideo will continue to increase investment in the field of information security, strengthen privacy security protection, continuously improve itself with technological and management innovation, deepen the construction of an information security compliance system, and provide users with more secure and credible services.

Haier S6 LED TV series; catering to your entertainment needs!

Haier S6 LED TV series; catering to your entertainment needs!
Haier S6 LED TV series; catering to your entertainment needs!

Haier LED televisions are the go to televisions in the market for your entertainment needs. Haier televisions provide you with an enhanced watching experience. Talking about the Haier S6 LED series, Haier brings to you an amazing television series with the best features available in the market. The S6 series comes equipped with Google Assistant and intelligent voice control making your television an easy to operate device and catering to your entertainment needs in the best way possible. It also has a remote application which allows you easily navigate different functions in your television.

The 4K High Dynamic Range makes movies more interesting to watch and gives the user a more lifelike experience while watching a movie. The Bluetooth feature allows you to connect your devices to your television, it also has HAIER SMART APP that’s providing unique AI to control your smart devices like Smart Door bell, Smart security camera and Haier Smart appliances easily and the six speaker units with 30 Watts that come installed in the television provide the consumers with one of the best sound experiences available in the market.

Haier continues with its mission to keep its customers satisfied and which is why it continues to lead the appliances market. Haier is the Global No1 appliances brand according to Euromonitor International and that could only be possible with the love and support of our customers. We take pride in the quality of our products, as well as our service and after sales service so you can purchase your favorite Haier product with the peace of mind that we have you covered.

For customer support Haier also providing FREE INSTALLATION from 50” to onward all over the Pakistan.

Live Smart & Buy Smart with Haier today!

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Samsung hosts technical seminar showcasing innovative 2021 Neo QLED 8K line-up

Samsung hosts technical seminar showcasing innovative 2021 Neo QLED 8K line-up
Samsung hosts technical seminar showcasing innovative 2021 Neo QLED 8K line-up

LAHORE – Samsung Electronics, the world’s leading TV manufacturer for 15 consecutive years, held the 2021 Technical Seminar for various markets including Pakistan – a series of events that  highlighted the technology, features and innovation with this year’s new product lineups, covering Neo QLED 8K, MICRO LED and Samsung’s award-winning Lifestyle portfolio.

For 10 years, Samsung’s tech seminars have provided a unique platform to deliver detailed information and an exclusive hands-on experience with new products, prior to global release and distribution. This year’s global virtual seminar was the second event of its kind where participants had a chance to learn about technical breakthroughs, followed by a Q&A session to hear directly from Samsung business leaders and engineers.

Samsung’s 2021 product lineup for Pakistani market is equipped with advanced hardware and software advancements that are designed to provide a viewing experience like never before. The technology has enabled outstanding picture quality, smart features and gaming experiences, along with lifestyle-integrated features and services that are second to none when it comes to ultimate usability. During the seminar, attendees had an opportunity to broaden their knowledge of the following products and areas:

  • Neo QLED and Picture Quality: Quantum Mini LEDs are at the center of innovation, and combined with Samsung’s Micro Layer, Quantum Matrix Technology and the state-of-the-art Neo Quantum Processor, Neo QLEDs provide true-to-life picture quality that is crisp and clear like never before, with the most intricate of details in both dark and bright scenes.
  • In-Home Activity: Added to this list is Samsung’s new PC-on-TV feature, which provides a seamless and remote connection between the TV, PCs and devices for optimal productivity and convenience right from the living room.
  • Gaming Experiences: Samsung’s 2021 Neo QLED TVs provides the ultimate gaming experience for even from the most avid gamers, across both PC and console gaming. The new features and provide enhanced performance, motion graphic features, reduced input lag, and ultimately more full and immersive sound, driven by AI.

“The breakthrough in 2021 Neo QLED and its picture quality demonstrates what state-of-the-art hardware innovations can achieve together with Samsung’s unique AI upscaling and smart features,” said Simon Sung, Executive Vice President of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “We are pleased to share our latest display innovations that are tailored to our customers’ needs and hope that our customers will continue to enjoy our products.”

Click on here for more information on Samsung’s 2021 TV product lineup,

Haier brings the Italian brand Candy to Pakistan

Haier brings the Italian brand Candy to Pakistan
Haier brings the Italian brand Candy to Pakistan

Haier is the No.1 Global Appliances brand according to Euromonitor International; Haier strives to keep its customers satisfied.

Haier Group is committed to working with its world-class ecosystem partners to continuously build a premium brand and to set up IoT ecosystems in every aspect of life and tailor personalized smart life for users around the globe. Haier owns a number of smart-appliance brands, including Haier, Casarte, Leader, GE Appliances from the U.S., Fisher & Paykel from New Zealand, AQUA from Japan. Haier also acquired the Italian brand “Candy” in 2018.

Haier Pakistan continues to bring its customer the best as they have always promised. Haier brings the Italian brand, Candy to Pakistan. Candy is an Italian domestic appliance maker. Candy is efficient, accessible, and vigorous. Candy, as a brand has always focused on simplifying the daily life of its consumers. It’s efficient in saving energy. It is fashionable, full of strength, and stands out from the competition. Candy always meets the needs of consumers with innovative, easy to use and accessible products.

Candy is now launched in Pakistan, So, buy your favorite Candy product from Haier’s flagship store at

Samsung Pakistan held a virtual EPIC event to Launch Galaxy S21

Samsung Pakistan held a virtual EPIC event to Launch Galaxy S21
Samsung Pakistan held a virtual EPIC event to Launch Galaxy S21

LAHORE – Samsung Pakistan held a virtual EPIC event to launch the newest devices in its smartphone lineup. These include the Galaxy S21, GalaxyS21+, and the GalaxyS21 Ultra 5G. The event was aired online on 24th January, The event premiered on Samsung Pakistan’s official Facebook page.

The event was kicked off by Umar Ghumman, Head of Mobile Operations, Pakistan and Afghanistan as he talked about the unprecedented times the world was going through and the lifestyle changes had been affected by the pandemic. He talked about the how no one expected work from home practices would continue for the most of the businesses. He claimed that “Samsung has always been working in the past to face the global challenges amicably by bringing in the devices that adds value for the users.”

Photography in Galaxy S21 lineup has upgraded to a newer level with the inclusion of 8K Videos in the GalaxyS21 lineup gives users the opportunity to pick the shot of their choice from a video with using the ability of extracting the images from the frame of the video. One of the epic new feature in theGalaxy S21 camera is the director’s view as it is sometimes equally important to capture reactions of the both sides of the camera. With the content creators, appreciating the inclusion of the director’s view to capture spontaneous moments. Actor and model, Sadia Khan joined the virtual session where she talked about the pro-grade camera of the Galaxy S21 lineup which will help her create high quality content.

Samsung Pakistan held a virtual EPIC event to Launch Galaxy S21

Tech expert Zaryab Khan from Xeetechcare talked about the Galaxy S21 Series on the Epic event. He added that this is the first 5G enabled phones launched by Samsung in Pakistan. He added that the camera has been improved in this series with more features added in the cameras such as night-mode feature added in all 4 cameras. He also talked about the newly launched Exynos 2100 processing chip that has improved the power efficiency of the phone. It has improved the gaming experience for the user, preventing the device from overheating. The new exynos 2100 will increase the battery life of the phone as it is equipped with a faster CPU that can take the phone to a newer level.

Samsung Pakistan held a virtual EPIC event to Launch Galaxy S21

Bilal Munir from VideoWaliSarkar was part of the Epic event where he discussed his views on the Galaxy S21 Series, he claimed that the best feature of the GalaxyS21 lineup is the display of the phone with an adaptive 120Hz refresh rate. This feature optimizes the screen’s refresh rate according the user’s preference and the battery life of the phone to provide an epic experience to its user. Other than the refresh rate of the device Bilal talked about the support of S-pen in the GalaxyS21 Ultra.

To watch Samsung Pakistan’s Epic Event you can find it on Samsung Pakistan’s Facebook page or watch it on this link.

OPPO’s simple and focused strategy provides high-quality products to consumers

OPPO’s simple and focused strategy provides high-quality products to consumers
OPPO’s simple and focused strategy provides high-quality products to consumers

LAHORE – It’s no wonder that technology is moving faster than consumers’ imagination. One breakthrough in technology today becomes outdated when new inventions are unveiled to the world. Many companies are the drivers of these innovative technological advancements.

One such brand that has obtained the leading position over the past few years is OPPO. With an amazing pace of growth, OPPO is expected to continue to put more focus on high-end smartphone makers with its technological innovations and attractive high-end features.

The question here arises, what drives the company’s success?

The answer is quite simple – ‘Benfen’. Benfen stands on the vision of a user-oriented company that strives for perfection and works hard to achieve great results. In simple words, it’s focused on doing the right thing. The right thing that the brand believes needs to be done is to provide the employees and customers with the best experience to grow and learn from each other. OPPO formulates and practices global best strategies for work culture and employee ethics across markets.

OPPO believes that the crucial thing to do is to provide premium technology of the finest quality and pristine design to its users. OPPO conducts a series of extensive tests during the R&D and manufacturing processes. These include drop tests in various environments and scenarios, waterproofing tests to test resistance to fluids, environmental resilience to test how the phone functions in extreme temperatures, as well as internal testing, to test the phone for software bugs and glitches. This series of tests results in a device of the highest quality in design, user-friendliness, and durability.

Committed to its vision of providing reliable, fast, and comfortable services, the brand has its service centres situated at various locations across the country to provide an easy and quick fix in just one hour. OPPO’s attention on the end-to-end customer journey showcases that the brand is not just focused on selling the product or fixing the smartphones – it also focuses on building strong relationships throughout the customer journey. Building long-term customer relationships that solve problems and improve customers’ lives means that OPPO has to put resources into its system.

It’s not just the consumers that are connected to the product – employees as well.

Mega discounts on 12.12 sale – TCL and Daraz ends the year with a bang!

Mega discounts on 12.12 sale – TCL and Daraz ends the year with a bang!
Mega discounts on 12.12 sale – TCL and Daraz ends the year with a bang!

TCL, Pakistan’s No.1 LED TV brand in collaboration with Daraz e-commerce giant of Pakistan gears up for the last major online sale of 2020. This sale extravaganza will kick-off at midnight on December 12, 2020. From 12th to 18th December, users can enjoy one week of Super promotions on the entire range of TVs, ACs and soundbar with Free home delivery nationwide.

Also, today, TCL will be offering massive discounts on its official store on Daraz on account of TCL brand day for its valued customers.

TCL is going all out to bring its consumer’s unbeatable promotions and upsized flash deals. In this exhilarating sale, the brand promises to bring huge discounts, high-quality products, and a unique shopping experience in the comfort of users’ homes. All TCL TVs and ACs will be available on Daraz for purchase.

While commenting on this grand sale, Majid Khan Niazi, Marketing Manager TCL said, ” We at TCL are overwhelmed with the response of our valued consumers in the 11.11 sale that encouraged us to bring more exciting offers to our users in this year’s 12.12 sale. We endeavour to provide superior customer experience to our buyers”.

TCL is a locally No.1 LED TV brand in terms of sales and 2nd largest TV brand worldwide with a global presence in over 150 countries. The brand is swiftly emerging as an innovative technology brand, striving to deliver high-quality products to the users in Pakistan at very competitive prices.

Ufone’s digital payment options: quick and hassle free solution

Ufone’s digital payment options: quick and hassle free solution
Ufone’s digital payment options: quick and hassle free solution

Islamabad – The exponential increase in Covid-19 cases across Pakistan has once again created a difficult situation for citizens. Being a people-centric brand, the safety and security of customers is of utmost importance to Ufone. Hence the company is providing online balance recharge service so customers can avoid unnecessary visits to retailers or service centers.

Various options have been provided to customers including payment through UPaisa, My Ufone App using, Ufone website, online banking tools & other mobile financial services.  The company aims to facilitate as many people as possible through these channels.

You can buy any Ufone bundle or recharge your balance using My Ufone App through Debit/Credit Cards or through your UPaisa account. Customers can download My Ufone app from Google Play Store or Apple store. Once the payment is made, a confirmation message will be sent.

Ufone’s online recharge can even be done through the official website which is a secured payment option and allows you to recharge your Pre-paid account or make Post-paid bill payments.

Another viable option is the UPaisa service. Customers can pay their Postpay bills or buy Prepaid recharge and bundles by simply dialing *786#.

With UShare service, customers can share PKR 600 per transaction and maximum of four transactions can be made every day making the cumulative transaction amount up to PKR 2,400 with another Ufone customer. Ufone subscribers can simply dial*828*Recipient Number*Amount# and share balance with ease & comfort. A service charge of PKR 2.99 applies per transaction.

Ufone customers can even benefit from online internet banking channels, other mobile financial services, partners like Daraz & Careem to perform recharge transactions or subscribe to their favorite bundles & offers.

All methods of online payments are kept simple so people do not face any problem. The step has been taken to encourage people to perform online transactions instead of stepping out of their homes for payments. A smooth online transaction system will eliminate the hassle of going to the bank while ensuring safety. This is particularly important now considering that Covid 19 cases are once again on a rise and all possible precautions have to be taken to avoid a further surge in numbers.

OPPO F17 Pro — a gaming device takes lead in market

OPPO F17 Pro — a gaming device takes lead in market
OPPO F17 Pro — a gaming device takes lead in market

LAHORE – The mobile gaming experience is heating up with famous games making their way to smartphones. Gaming on smartphones has become the new talk of the town and OPPO is touting the gaming capabilities with its latest smartphone OPPO F17 Pro.

Let’s have a look at what OPPO F17 Pro offers that will make you a pro gamer.

Powerful Chipset

A high-performance chipset renders smooth graphics while providing good frame rates to manage system resources. OPPO F17 Pro packs the MediaTek Helio P95 – an upgraded chipset designed for fast processing. The powerful chipset maintains a perfect balance between efficiency and performance. The brand claims its latest edition to have MediaTek HyperEngine that provides intelligent networking, vivid visuals, and rapid touchscreens making it a smartphone built from the ground up for gamers.

High-end Display

While the chipset plays the most crucial role, the display is where the action takes place. OPPO F17 Pro optimizes every millimetre of the notch surrounding the two front cameras allowing for as much space as possible on an indulgent FHD+ 2400 x 1080-pixel high-resolution screen. It’s 6.43″ Super AMOLED Screen works like magic giving a cinema-quality viewing experience.

Long-lasting Battery 

When considering gaming-specific features, another important feature is an efficient battery. OPPO F17 Pro’s 30W VOOC Flash Charge 4.0 goes beyond traditional fast charge to bring fast charging in short periods allowing users to get more out of 4000 mAh battery. For example, 5 min charge gives 36 minutes of PUBG gaming allowing users to have a continuous gaming experience.

Anti-Lag Algorithm

Another important aspect usually overlooked is the anti-lag algorithm which is a crucial part of smooth gaming. The anti-lag detects and clears data that causes memory errors, making stutters and freezes less likely allowing users to play like a pro.

With these 3 features, you can enjoy an endless gaming experience without any hassle. The smartphone is now available and can be booked online to experience the ultimate game then!