Stunning Photography is What You Get with the realme GT Master Edition

Stunning Photography is What You Get with the realme GT Master Edition
Stunning Photography is What You Get with the realme GT Master Edition

After making an indelible mark on Pakistan’s 5G smartphone market, the realme GT Master Edition has won accolades and praises all around. From technology reviewers to consumers, the realme GT Master Edition is a sure winner – heralded as the Smartphone of the Year, a must-have for gamers and photographers alike.

The smartphone has broken all 5G records on Daraz during the 11.11 Salebration being the top 5G smartphone of choice. Its design is a sure head turner with Naoto Fukasawa’s genius stroke in the Voyager Grey, inspired by a travel suitcase and presented in the industry’s first concave vegan leather.

The realme GT Master Edition has also amazed photographers with its 64MP Street Photography Camera – that adds a touch of storytelling never seen before. realme delivered the experience to a few of its #shotonrealme ambassadors all over Pakistan and the results were not just stunning, but showed the photographic prowess of the realme GT Master Edition first-hand.

A Camera that Makes the Streets Come Alive

The 64MP Street Photography Camera on the realme GT Master Edition makes the streets come alive. Be it grayscale or a burst of colours, the camera captures ecstatic imagery and brings a side of Pakistan never experienced before. The #shotonrealme ambassadors indulged in masterful photography of sights and sounds across Pakistan and the results are breath-taking.

From historic corridors to new-age cafes, from the bazars of Lahore to the colourful frescoes of Rawalpindi’s masjids and the all-time indulgence with nature – the realme GT Master Edition is perfect for all scenes and scenarios.

The realme GT Master Edition is available in 128GB and 256GB with prices starting from PKR 66,999/- in offline channels. The smartphone can also be ordered from Daraz and

Buy the best phone within your budget of PKR 40,000

Buy the best phone within your budget of PKR 40,000
Buy the best phone within your budget of PKR 40,000

Buying a new phone can be a tricky task at times. Not only do you need to look at the price, but what specifications smartphone projects. With dozens of smartphones arriving in the market, deciding which to buy can be difficult. Be it the camera, or processor, or how fast the mobile charges, you need to buy the device that is best suited to your taste and style. The following descriptions shall help you better understand these details and choose the best-suited phone for you.

So here is a short analysis of realme 8, Xiaomi POCO X3, Samsung A32, Infinix Zero 8, Oppo F19, and Vivo Y51 S, all under the budget of PKR 40,000/-.


The processor comes as the most important part when it comes to smartphones. The chipset used defines the overall performance of your phone and how well can it support other features of that device. Among the recent devices launched under the 40K price segment, realme 8 seems to be the best so far. No doubt about the Snapdragon 732G and Helio G90T processors used by Poco X3 and Infinix Zero 8, respectively, but realme 8 takes the lead here with its MediaTek Helio G95 processor with a 12nm process, making it more efficient and powerful. This is the fastest gaming processor from MediaTek so far and realme is crowned to be the first device with it globally. Compared to this, Samsung A32 comes with Helio G80, Oppo F19 with Snapdragon 662 chipset, and Vivo Y51s with Snapdragon 662.


The camera is as much of an important feature these days as the smartphone itself, especially among the youth. The phones mentioned above all come with ultra-clear photography cameras but some differences set them apart. Xiaomi POCO X3, Samsung A32, realme 8, and Infinix Zero 8 come with a 64MP Camera. Whereas, Oppo F19 and Vivo Y51s support a 48MP camera. No doubt that all these phones come with amazingly clear cameras, realme stands out here too with its additional photography functions. The most outstanding features of the realme 8 camera include the Super Nightscape, Panoramic view, Time-lapse, Chroma Boost, Bokeh Effect Control, Starry Mode, Tilt-shift, Neon Portrait, and Dynamic Bokeh. These features make realme 8 lead in the camera category as well.

Charging and battery capacity

Leaving for work and phone out of battery? this ends the day’s mood for most of us. But if your phone has a fast charger and a good battery capacity then you are all set.

  • Xiaomi POCO X3 comes with a 33W fast charge and 5160mAh Battery
  • Samsung A32 supports a 15W charging with a 5000mAh battery
  • Infinix Zero 8 supports 33W charging with a 4500mAh battery
  • Oppo F19 supports a 33W charge and a 5000mAh battery
  • Vivo Y51s has 15W charge and 5000mAh battery, and
  • realme 8 comes with a 30W Dart charge and 5000mAh Battery

The charging technology and battery capacity for each phone are great but the 30W above charging phones do stand out because of how much time they’ll save off your day with the super-fast charge. However, realme 8 leads here with an advanced Copper Liquid Cooling System. This supports a Carbon Fiber Cooling System increasing the cooling efficiency by 14.4%, keeping the phone’s performance up to speed.


The body design is the first thing a customer sees and gets inspired with when looking for a new phone. The above-mentioned phones come with pretty outlooks and designs that attract the audience. Some go for a simple sleek look like the Samsung A32 or a bold design portraying the trendy bold youth, like realme 8. Other phones come with an upgraded design from previous generations, no doubt looking great in their own space.

realme 8 brings a bold and dreamy design that combines hip, street elements are known as the Infinite Bold Design. The brands persist in Trendsetting Designs to break conventional aesthetics and bring trendsetting aesthetics design. The phone comes in two colors, Cyber Silver and Cyber Black, and is super slim and light weighing only 177g and 7.99mm thick. Whereas Xiaomi POCO X3 weighs 225 g, Samsung A32 weighs 184 g, Infinix Zero 8 a 205 g, Oppo F19 a 175g, and Vivo Y51s weighs 190 g. Moreover, with a 7.99mm width, realme 8 comes as the ‘thinnest phone with a 5000mAh battery in this price segment.


The second important part of the phone that a user checks even before any specifications is the body design. The screen size and the display quality matter a lot when choosing a phone especially when you love watching films and playing games. The most used screen types are the IPS panel and the AMOLED display. AMOLED is much better in terms of pixel rate and display quality when it comes to smartphones.

Xiaomi POCO X3, Infinix Zero 8, and Vivo Y51s use an IPS display with a 6.67” with a 120Hz refresh rate, 6.85” screen with 90Hz refresh rate, and a 6.6” display with 90Hz refresh rate, respectively. Whereas, Oppo F19 support AMOLED display with 6.4” screen size. On the other hand, Samsung A32 and realme 8 both support Super AMOLED displays with a 6.4” big screen, a neck-to-neck competition in this category. But once again realme 8 leads with a 180Hz refresh rate, whereas A32 supports a 90Hz refresh rate.

Storage Capacity

All specifications are overlooked if the phone does not have a good storage capacity. For this, dozens of phones have been produced with generous space in Pakistan. Between phones under discussion, Xiaomi POCO X3 comes with the lowest storage of 6GB RAM and 64GB ROM. Samsung A32, Oppo F19 comes with 6GB RAM & 128GB ROM, whereas, realme 8, Infinix Zero 8, and Vivo Y51s come with 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM. These are actually good storage capacities to cater to your gaming, videos, and thousands of pictures.


Considering all specs mentioned above, the realme 8 seems like the best gaming phone, with an ultra-clear camera, expert camera features, and the chicest, handiest body. The phone is a feast for gaming enthusiasts but for anyone looking for a good quality phone with flagship features in PKR 40,000, the realme 8 comes as the best option.

So hurry up and buy your favorite phone keeping in mind the above specifications.

realme 8 Series – A Trendsetter in Battery Power and Charging Technology

realme 8 Series – A Trendsetter in Battery Power and Charging Technology
realme 8 Series – A Trendsetter in Battery Power and Charging Technology

With multiple advancements in technology, lives have become quite fast-paced. These prompt lives need tasks to be done speedily. As smartphones are the most used devices, their slow charging can sometimes create a hindrance to your daily performance. All set to go to work and your phone is dead? The whole day’s mood gets ruined. Mobile charging can be a major issue for many be it students with their online classes, or your business meeting, or your long-awaited video call with loved ones.

Smartphones have evolved a lot in these past few years. Be it the designs, battery timing, storage, camera, or charging, many companies have tried to bring solutions for all. Charging has come up as one of the major issues, but realme introduced superfast charging technology in its latest devices for a convenient user experience. The realme 8 series comes with two amazing devices realme 8 and realme8 Pro. Among them, the realme 8 Pro features the 50W SuperDart Charge while the realme 8 comes with a 30W Dart Charge capability.

The 50W SuperDart charge of realme 8 Pro helps charge your phone to 100% in just 47 minutes. This means it gets 50% in only 17 minutes. It utilizes high-voltage charge pump technology and realizes 97% charging power efficiency and supports 5 Dimension Charge Protection. The combination of 50W SuperDart Charge with the 4,500mAh Massive Battery makesrealme 8 Pro a powerful phone.

On the other hand, realme 8 comes with an upgraded 30W Dart Charge. This charges the 5,000mAh battery to 100% in 65 minutes and up to 50% in only 26 minutes. The charging algorithm developed for the realme 8 includes five layers of security protection which provide hardware-level security protection for the entire charging process. realme 8 also supports a 15W PD charge, making it even more versatile.

All in all, both phones support superfast charging in their capacity. The 50W realme 8 Pro is accompanied by a 108MP Ultra Quad Camera, 4,500mAh Battery, and 8GB +128GB massive storage. The 30W realme 8 also supports a 64MP Quad Camera, 5,000mAh Battery, and MediaTek Helio G95 Gaming Processor. realme has brought a firm lineup with these amazing features which have taken the market by storm. Both devices made great pre-order records and are now available for sale in the market. So hurry up and get your superfast charging devices leaving all the last-minute hassles in the past!.

A Favourite with the Experts – the all new realme 8 Series Wins Accolades at the Influencer Roundtable

LAHORE – realme Pakistan indulged in a unique discussion about their upcoming realme 8 Series. It was an influencer roundtable featuring realme Allies from different walks of life, such as design, photography, gaming and technology who talked about all the elements that the realme 8 Series offers to people. The new realme 8 Series brings exceptional camera features with a powerful processor and monstrous battery capacities that are chargeable at lighting fast speeds. Not only that, but its design has a futuristic aesthetic that every young person would take an instant liking to.

The realme 8 Series roundtable was heavy on talent with a panel of renowned influencers who are allies of realme for the launch of its upcoming 8 Series. The panel included the stunning realme Design Ally, Kinza Hashmi; realme Photography Ally, Azeem Sani; and YouTube tech sensations, Bilal Munir (VideoWaliSarkar) and Ali Abbas (MASTech) as the realme Tech Allies. Other than that our very favorite gaming expert, Saad-ur-Rehman aka Ducky Bhai was there as the realme Gaming Ally for expert gaming tips. The session was moderated by realme’s Product Manager, Hamza Khan live on realme’s official Facebook page and YouTube channel.

The experts highly praised the feature-rich realme 8 Series where the realme 8 Pro’s 108MP Ultra Quad Camera won their accolades for spectacular photography. Over at the design front, Kinza Hashmi was bowled over with the stunning futuristic designs that carry the “Dare to Leap” emblem on the back of the phone. With its 50W SuperDart Charge on the realme 8 Pro and the 30W Dart Charge on the realme 8 – Bilal Munir of VideoWaliSarkar fame called it one of the fastest charging devices in Pakistan, while Ali from MASTech said that the performance of the large batteries was augmented by the ultra-fast charging capabilities of the realme 8 Series.

Ducky Bhai, being a pro gamer was a fan of the MediaTek Helio G95 gaming processor on the realme 8 which powered by the 5,000 mAh battery and Super AMOLED screen gave him the most satisfying and upbeat gaming experience on a smartphone. Gaining admiration from all the influencers, the realme 8 Series became a favourite of all the realme allies.

So, to all the viewers and realme fans out there, the realme 8 Series is just around the corner. While more on the features shall be revealed soon, get ready to catch the launch event of realme 8 Series on Wednesday, April 28, 2021 on realme’s official Facebook page and YouTube channel.

realme Sets its Sights to Capture Infinity with the all new realme 8 Series

realme Sets its Sights to Capture Infinity with the all new realme 8 Series
realme Sets its Sights to Capture Infinity with the all new realme 8 Series

The smartphone industry is brimming with excitement as realme is gearing up to introduce its number series in Pakistan again. This time, the all new realme 8 Series is touted to open infinite wonders with its 108MP imaging capabilities and tons of other remarkable technological advancements. The realme number series is not alien to global recognition. It is used by more than 30 million users worldwide and is considered the frontrunner in bringing flagship technology for everyone.

realme calls its number series a “democratizer of technology”, whereby it aims to bring the technological aspects of the premium segment to people within an affordable price range. Historically, the realme number series has brought on a host of firsts for its customers, like the Dart Charge in realme 3 Pro and the Quad Cam in realme 5 Series.

With the same stead, future entrants such as the realme 6 Series featured a high refresh rate of 90 Hz while the first SONY 64MP camera appeared on the realme 7 Series – making it one of the hottest selling smartphone series for realme in Pakistan.

Keeping up with the same spirit, the realme 8 Series aims to provide top notch features in photography, design, and performance to scores of people who have come to expect nothing but the best from the realme number series. The realme 8 Series leaps forward with a 108MP camera sensor and many other trendsetting photography features on the realme 8 Pro. It also takes fast charging to a whole new level and gives a battery performance that goes on longer, faster and even better than before. For the realme 8 Series, the camera carries a 64MP sensor with a Super AMOLED display and peak brightness reaching 1,000 nits.

But, for more updates on the realme 8 Series, people have to wait just a tad bit as the series debuts shortly. So, watch out for realme’s official pages on Facebook & Instagram to know more about the realme 8 Series.

realme Gaming Championship – Narzo edition comes to end setting fire within gaming community of Pakistan

realme Gaming Championship – Narzo edition comes to end setting fire within gaming community of Pakistan
realme Gaming Championship – Narzo edition comes to end setting fire within gaming community of Pakistan

LAHORE – Mobile gamers across Pakistan were treated to an exhilarating finale of the realme Gaming Championship – Narzo Edition which was held in partnership with Free Fire.

The grand finale saw 12 top teams qualify from across the country, making through various grueling rounds. The team “Five Mutants” clinched the title while 11 others stood runners up. The winning team received four realme Narzo 30A devices and a PKR 50,000/- cash prize, while a host of cash prizes were distributed amongst the runner ups.

The realme Gaming Championship – Narzo Edition was organized to commemorate the launch of realme Narzo 30A. It was meant to entice the mobile gaming community, especially those who love to indulge in Free Fire. This was the second such gaming championship held under the auspices of realme Pakistan. When it comes to gaming, the realme Narzo 30A is a beast with its MediaTek Helio G85 processor, that packs a powerful performance.

Twelve teams made it through the qualifying rounds and subsequent finals to reach the grand finale. The championship saw some of the most powerful gamers from Pakistan compete neck and neck with each other including HOTSHOT ESPORTS, The Eternals, Team Janbaz, Five Mutants, TG_MAMBA, The Predator, Vikings, Anonymous, No Chance, House of Blood, Spyware, and ISI Rangers.

The team “Five Mutants” won the final round with a very tough and exciting match that was streamed live on realme’s official Facebook and YouTube channels, engaging thousands of viewers.

realme set to launch Narzo 30A with MediaTek Helio G85 processor


The young and trendsetting technology company, realme continues to bring remarkable technology at a cost-effective price. The brand shall be launching its Gaming phone realme Narzo 30A with MediaTek Helio G85 processor and 6000mAh Mega battery. The launch will be held on realme’s Official Facebook page on March 21, 2020, at 12.00 pm.The phone will be exclusively available on only. It is going to be the best gaming phone for mobile gamers under the price of PKR 25,000.

realme set to launch Narzo 30A with MediaTek Helio G85 processor

For the past two years or so, realme has worked hard to bring the latest technology and innovative lifestyle products to Pakistan. The young and trendsetting smartphone brand always brings cutting-edge technology, advanced camera, fastest charging, and an overall superior experience to all its fans. The Narzo series is realme’s “performance series” and has already launched three models for the Narzo series globally, including realme Narzo, Narzo 20, and Narzo 20 pro.

Narzo phones have a powerful processor that helps facilitate every young user. The latest successor from the series, Narzo 30Awill be featuring a MediaTek Helio G85 processor with a 12nm Octa-core 64bits Processor and 200000+ Antutu Benchmark, a 6000mAh Mega battery, a larger display, and other amazing features. The phone is expected to be the ultimate choice of gamers as it provides the smoothest and efficient gameplay.

realme set to launch Narzo 30A with MediaTek Helio G85 processor

MediaTek is the 4th largest fabless semiconductor company globally. It powers more than 2 billion connected devices annually and has become a market leader in developing advanced systems-on-chip (SoC) for mobile devices, home entertainment, connectivity, and IoT products. MediaTek Helio G-series chips feature HyperEngine Game Technology to deliver sustained performance and longer gameplay. The MediaTek Helio G85 pumps its Arm Mali-G52 GPU up to 1GHz, while MediaTek HyperEngine provides whole smartphone enhancements, blasting performance for avid mobile gamers.

Narzo 30A with the powerful MediaTek Helio G85 shall be launching in the Pakistani market on March 21 at 12.00 pm. It is going to be a treat for mobile gamers as it is priced in the mid-range segment. Do not miss the live launch event on realme’s official Facebook page to get a glimpse of this incredible phone!

realme’s new performance flagship “Race” is officially named realme GT

realme's new performance flagship “Race” is officially named realme GT
realme's new performance flagship “Race” is officially named realme GT

LAHORE – realme, the world’s fastest-growing smartphone brand, today announced that the previously unveiled latest flagship code named Race will be officially unveiled under the name realme GT and will make its global debut on March 4. Adhering to the brand spirit of “dare to leap”, realme GT will be the high-performance flagship in the product portfolio and brings sustained speedy performance and trendsetting design to young users around the world. At present, the C series, Number series, and X series have formed three core product lines in the global market, rapidly completing the coverage from entry-level to flagship. Now the new realme GT will further enrich the high-end product lines of realme, meet the demand of young people in the Gen-Z for top-tier performance.

The new flagship series, the new journey

In the 1950s and 1960s, in order to meet the demand for comfortable and fast long-distance travel, high-performance and highly reliable GT sports cars were born. In the public perception, GT represents high performance. As the name of realme new performance  flagship with Snapdragon 888, GT has a great spiritual value, it brings users not only the power of the leap-forward high performance but also a sustained surging experience and spiritual resonance. This performance flagship belongs to the young people, it starts from and not only the spirit of racing but also the hope of realme for the new generation of young people: to break through their own limits in the track they love.

Dare to leap, breakthrough in new track 

In 2020 with challenges and opportunities, realme continued to be a strong challenger and disruptor in the industry with the seventh-highest shipment and the fastest growing in the world. After two consecutive quarters of growth, realme has been recognized by Counterpoint as “the fastest smartphone brand to reach 50 million sales worldwide”. In 2021, realme GT will help realme continue to upgrade its products and brand, and bring better products with superior technology and trendsetting design in the mid-to-high market, to encourage more young people with the attitude of “dare to leap”.

realme opens its first brand store in Peshawar

realme opens its first brand store in Peshawar
realme opens its first brand store in Peshawar

LAHORE – realme is the fastest-growing smartphone brand and has been focusing on both offline and online markets. With the “Dare to Leap” spirit, realme is all set to launch its brand stores all across Pakistan.

The first store has successfully been opened in the famous city of KPK, Peshawar. The store features all realme products and focuses to provide customers with a direct retail experience.

The young and trendsetting smartphone brand, realme plans to launch 100+ brand stores nationwide. These brand stores will feature all products for sale from realme including smartphones, the complete lineup of AIoT products including smart wearables, smartwatches, and Category N home/lifestyle products.

The first brand store has launched in Peshawar and there will be more in major cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad very soon. Many customers, fans, retailers, distributors, and the hardworking realme team was there to celebrate this inauguration.

Globally realme brand stores exhibit the brand’s DNA of young, trendy, and fashionable products. These shops have been designed and developed as per realme’s “Dare to Leap” spirit. The brand has always focused on bringing trendsetting designs, improved software, and impressive hardware for enlightening the youth, making their lifestyle more fashionable.

realme will be opening its next store in the populous city of Karachi. In Karachi, realme will be opening its very first Experience Store as well. This will be an exclusive store for realme fans to direct experience with the brand’s retail services. The brand is all set to mark new records in Pakistan for a great customer experience.

realme 7i with 64 MP quad camera is now available at price of PKR 36,999

realme 7i with 64 MP quad camera is now available at price of PKR 36,999
realme 7i with 64 MP quad camera is now available at price of PKR 36,999

LAHORE – The fastest-growing smartphone brand realme has dropped the price for its best-selling smartphone realme 7i for its young and trendy fans. The famous number series successor, realme 7i with 64MP AI Quad camera was released in December 2020. The price for the phone has immensely dropped from PKR 39,999 to PKR 36,999.

The Performance King, realme 7icomes with a high-resolution 64MP AI Quad Camera, a90 Hz Ultra Smooth Display, and a a5000mAh Massive Battery. Due to its trendy design and youth-centric specifications, the phone was a great seller among its young customers. With an impressive 64MP AI Quad camera, realme 7i was one of the best camera phones in Pakistan. It supports built-in three most popular night filters, Cyberpunk, Flamingo, and Modern Gold to capture nightlife in a stylish way.

With the ‘Dare to Leap’ vision, realme focuses on bringing trendsetting designs, improved software, and impressive hardware for enlightening the youth, making their lifestyle more fashionable. After the victory of previous number series models, realme 7ihas opened new horizons for the brand. The phone was also accompanied by multiple AIoT and Category N products.

The phone went a great hit when it was released and now with a special discount offer, it is expected to set new records. The realme fans will be going crazy about the realme 7i being available at only PKR 36,999. If you haven’t bought the phone yet, do not miss this chance to get your hands on it at exclusive rates.