Vibrant, fun and catchy: TikTok’s Ramadan campaign is on a mission to spread kindness with fun

Vibrant, fun and catchy: TikTok's Ramadan campaign is on a mission to spread kindness with fun

Vibrant, fun and catchy: TikTok’s Ramadan campaign is on a mission to spread kindness with fun

The holy month of Ramadan bestows blessings and imparts a strong message of kindness and sharing. From Sehar to Iftar, each day feels like a festive occasion where everyone seeks happiness for others and wants to facilitate the people who are observing fast.

TikTok has come up with a unique, fun and innovative idea to promote a sense of kindness among the masses with their new advertisement for Ramadan 2022. The vibrant and eye-catchy campaign features famous drama actress Urwa Hocane, soulful voice singer Bilal Khan, and popular TikTok content creators Romaisa Khan and Aiman Zaman.

@pktiktokofficial Know someone always spreading joy with their acts of kindness? This #MaheRamzan 🌙 let’s #StitchKindness ♬ original sound – TiktokPakistanOfficial

The brisk paced yet entertaining ad begins with Urwa taking viewers to experience the journey of those who selflessly devote their time to those who are fasting. Stitching Urwa’s video, TikTok content creator Romaisa Khan in her video praises Aslam Chacha, who represents the group of people responsible for waking everyone up for Suhoor. The gesture of respect by TikTok for these superhuman alarms was commendable as hardly anyone acknowledges their efforts.

The baton is then passed to singing icon Bilal Khan, who stitches Romaisa’s video with his, where he praises the hardworking public transport drivers’ fraternity for keeping up with their duties while fasting. This appreciation was for thousands of Ghaffar Bhais on duty, tirelessly working to accommodate passengers during the hot climate in Ramadan.

TikTok content creator Aiman Zaman then stitches her video using the in-app feature and appreciates the small restaurants and hotel workers who don’t have enough time to eat after breaking fast as they are busy serving happiness to others during iftar time. Many people like Afzal bhai must have felt heralded by watching TikTok’s Ramazan campaign.

At the end of the ad, Urwa encourages every TikTok user to highlight the unsung heroes around them during Ramadan by using the in-app stitch feature to #StitchKindness and make the longest chain of kindness this Ramazan.

The 30-second clip has actually reflected the vision of the short-video platform, which aims to empower and respect communities and uplift the spirit of people from all social groups. TikTok has used this impressive way to promote the message of kindness, which has undoubtedly made an impact and inspired many youngsters to foster empathy.

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