vivo understands pain points of night selfies, photos; presents V21 as a solution to users: says Eric Kong

vivo understands pain points of night selfies, photos; presents V21 as a solution to users: says Eric Kong

Eric Kong, the CEO of vivo Pakistan in conversation with Daily Pakistan talks about vivo’s latest launch- the V21 series, the story behind its innovation, the latest technology, research, innovation, and the future of the V series in Pakistan.

What is your understanding of consumer preferences when designing or conceptualizing camera technology?

As per the latest trends, camera and design are the top-most priorities for the selfie-loving generation living vibrant and fast-paced lifestyles. Despite so many technological advancements in megapixels of smartphone cameras, even today, users struggle to capture Instagram-worthy night selfies, with pictures turning out either blurry and overexposed or unclear and noisy. Recognizing the consumer need to capture memories at all times, especially night scenes, vivo has brought V21 with OIS feature (optical image stabilization) in 44MP OIS Night Selfie System coupled with features such as 44MP OIS Super Night Selfie, Dual Selfie Spotlight, AI Night Portrait with AI Night Algorithm to deliver an ultimate night-time photography experience. With a 7.29 mm Ultra Slim AG design, V21 has a sleek body and works like a charm as a design accessory. With V21, vivo has reimagined night photography like never before, and taking selfies in the backdrop of any light will be an absolute pleasure. The device is completely designed and conceptualized after understanding customer needs closely, supported by thorough research.

What is the idea or the inspiration behind the OIS? What is the kind of research that went into creating the front camera OIS Super Night Selfie feature?

One mantra we keep repeating back in all vivo offices is that customer satisfaction comes before all else. Our teams indulge in in-depth market analysis before designing a vivo smartphone. The idea is to club together the best resources to create smartphones with amazing features. The front camera is the most used smartphone feature today and the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) feature in V21 is a result of that research. The OIS intelligently detects the movement of the phone and increases the quality of shots, thus making them clearer and cleaner. Previously, consumers have talked about blurry photographs, unstable videos, and overexposure at night-time due to the flashlight in extremely dark rooms leading to unrealistic images. The V21 front camera solves this challenge to easily create high-quality images. When combined with Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), the technology enhances image details to bring out ultra-HD images. Moreover, the AI Night Portrait supported by the powerful AI Night Algorithm and the Dual Selfie Spotlight will change the face of night photography. vivo understands that technology always has potential for growth and the front camera has been right here. vivo, through thorough research, aims to eliminate the restrictions placed on photography by nature or humans themselves. The combined capabilities of EIS and OIS deliver ultra-stable motion photography and videography during the day and night.

According to vivo’s internal research, what challenges do users face in mobile photography and how does vivo aim to provide efficient solutions? 

vivo believes in satisfying its customers with the best possible products. Internal vivo surveys have found three major pain points of night photography. Background lighting plays a major role in ensuring high-quality photographs. A dark environment is a real challenge for photographers because imaging is impossible in such surroundings. On one hand, using a flashlight in extremely dark environments leads to overexposure and oversaturation of images, on the other hand, average smartphone cameras tend to yield noisy and grainy photos in dimly lit areas. While smartphone brands have been relentlessly working on enhancing their camera performance with each new device, vivo has been positioning itself as a brand that encourages professional mobile photography. Therefore, the brand aims to produce the best smartphone cameras in different price ranges suitable for all consumers. The V21 is a solution to all night photography struggles. vivo brings the new industry-leading 44MP OIS Night Selfie System that intelligently understands all your photography needs.

The V21 series is said to have a design philosophy. What has been your design-led innovation strategy for this series?

The V21 series comes in an advanced industrial design along with other innovative features that make the series unique, both in terms of functionality and design. The V21 will be amongst the slimmest smartphones available in the market. vivo’s learnings of the current market and consumer behaviour suggest that while customers choose smartphones with exceptional performance, design and appearance also play a huge role in arriving at that decision. For example- a bulging design will not appeal to consumers who are looking for sleek, easy to hold, and professional-looking smartphones. Style and trend have become a part of our lifestyles. People are changing accessories that suit their personality to feel confident. Smartphones in hand also portray the same emotion. This is where vivo’s V21 design strategy saves the day. The V21 supports a 7.29mm Ultra Slim AG Design that features a silky-smooth finish at the rear side. A narrow flat frame runs around the phone to enhance its sleek appearance. This frame is connected to the back panel for an easy yet powerful grip and a better in-hand feel. The question of camera designing often comes into context when talking about smartphone design. A bulky, outward sticking camera has not been well received by consumers. The Dual Tone Step Design offers systematic layering of the camera, giving it a pleasing surface.

Would you walk us through the journey of the V21 series? How is V21 unique and special this year?

Allow me to introduce you to the theme of the V21 series- Be The Light At Night. vivo takes the route of deep, methodical research and innovation for manufacturing every smartphone. vivo encourages its customers to shine and be their own light. The theme is a reminder of self-dependence and individuality. Moreover, what is photography if not painting with light? With the V21 series redefining night photography, the theme shares the importance of light for photography at all times of the day. The V21 series is special because the attention to detail in its front camera system has been a game-changer. The 44MP OIS Night Selfie System is equipped with a 44MP OIS Super Night Selfie for making night-time selfies clearer and brighter; Dual Selfie Spotlight that enables two flashlights to produce a wide array of professional fill lights to tackle the problem of noisy images; and the AI Night Portrait supported by the AI Night Algorithm that increases the background brightness. The OIS and the EIS combined give the smartphone camera the capability to produce ultra-stable, clear, and high-quality night selfies.

Could you give an insight into vivo’s ambitions and goals for the V series? What does the future hold for vivo customers?

Technology is advancing every day. Given the unfortunate state of the pandemic, humans have become dependent on technology for their daily chores. vivo aims at further understanding customer needs to produce price-sensitive, user-friendly, meaningful, and high-quality devices for all our customers. A lot is happening at vivo right now. Since vivo has been taking a stand for encouraging professional photography, our teams have been innovating and trying out different functions that will revolutionize mobile photography in the coming years. We are also working on making camera parts smaller and more flexible to accommodate new technology and give a more appealing look to all vivo smartphones. Videography is also a growing interest among budding filmmakers. Keeping that in mind, vivo is also working on camera advancements that create stable freehand videos.

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