vivo V30e 5G launched in Pakistan with sleek design and advanced imaging capabilities

vivo V30e 5G launched in Pakistan with sleek design and advanced imaging capabilities

LAHORE—The much-anticipated addition to the Vivo V series, V30e 5G, has officially launched in Pakistan. This smartphone combines elegance and advanced technology in a sleek package. V30e 5G offers a superior user experience with its 3D Curved Screen, which boasts a high refresh rate of 120Hz.

vivo V30e 5G also has powerful imaging capabilities, including the Aura Light Portrait feature for capturing stunning portraits. This newly unveiled device invites users to delve into a world of infinite possibilities. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey with vivo V30e 5G, where every feature is designed to elevate your digital lifestyle.

The design of V30e 5G stands out with its 3D Curved Screen and a fast 120Hz refresh rate. This makes everything from scrolling to gaming feel incredibly smooth. The curved screen design and a narrow bezel expand the visual field and lend a premium look to the phone.

vivo V30e 5G is available in two colours, each carefully interpreted by colour aesthetics. Inspired by the elegant, high-end red colour found in luxury items like fine dresses, suits, and watches, the Classy Brown edition brings a touch of sophistication. It features a soft glow on the matte left side of the back, perfectly paired with a silk grid pattern on the right glossy side. The Sunny Green edition brings the freshness of nature to hand.

High-end watches inspire the “Time Messenger” camera module design of V30e 5G and add a touch of class to the phone. The rear lens is neatly arranged with Aura Light, and the outer ring features delicate sunburst elements, giving the phone’s back a unique and stylish look.

Mr. Zohair Chohan, Director  Brand Strategy at vivo Pakistan, commented “We’re delighted to announce the launch of vivo V30e 5G in Pakistan. This smartphone is not just visually appealing but also packed with power. It is designed to help users seize the beauty of everyday life. At vivo, we are confident that V30e 5G will become more than a device for our users – it will be a reliable companion.”

In this age of visual supremacy, vivo V30e 5G has the potential to turn every shutter press into the start of an artistic creation. vivo V30e 5G has undergone significant upgrades in hardware and software to ensure users can take stunning photos.

One of the most notable features of V30e 5G is that it supports the highly acclaimed Aura Light Portrait feature in V series. When shooting portraits in low-light environments or at night, the Aura Light of V30e 5G provides a soft and even fill-lighting solution. The Smart Color Temperature Adjustment feature automatically adjusts brightness based on ambient light, ensuring optimal results every time.

Once users have captured their satisfying portraits, they can also take advantage of the newly introduced Color-Adaptive Border feature to further enhance their photos’ artistic and personalized expression.

Moreover, V30e 5G is equipped with a high-performance Sony IMX882 Camera, which boasts a 50-megapixel pixel value and superior light sensitivity. This allows the phone to capture sharp, detailed portraits even in low-light environments. The lens also supports 2x Professional Portrait Mode, which provides a professional-grade portrait shooting experience and produces photos that are more natural and in line with the human eye’s vision.

V30e 5G impresses consumers with its fast charging and long-lasting battery. The phone comes with a high-capacity 5,500mAh battery that ensures uninterrupted connectivity and entertainment even after extended use. Additionally, the battery is meticulously engineered to retain up to 80% of its capacity even after 1,600 charging and discharging cycles. This ensures users can anticipate a stable usage experience for up to four years[1].

Moreover, its 8GB + 8GB Extended RAM technology[2] makes multitasking easy, ensuring a smooth user experience. With 256GB of storage, there’s plenty of room for photos and music.

vivo V30e 5G also features a chip made with a cutting-edge Qualcomm Snapdragon® 4nm processor, enhancing the phone’s performance for everyday use and gaming.

Price and Availability

The latest vivo V30e 5G will be available for pre-booking starting from May 22, 2024, in Pakistan at PKR 89,999. Customers can secure their pre-orders at their nearest mobile market. The official sale of the V30e 5G will commence on May 28, 2024.

vivo offers a one-year warranty for V30e 5G, along with 15 days of free replacement and a six-month warranty for accessories. The vivo V30e 5G is duly approved by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority and supports all mobile networks in Pakistan. Zong customers can also get 12GB Free Mobile Internet using their 4G SIM card in Slot 1 (2GB Internet/month for six months).

For more details, please visit vivo’s official website page:

According to tests in vivo laboratories, the battery retains at least 80% of its capacity after 1600 complete charge cycles. These tests simulate daily user habits (charging and discharging once daily) and indicate that 1600 cycles equal approximately four years of usage. The above data was provided by vivo’s lab according to tests conducted in a simulated environment, with ambient and battery temperatures of 23°C±2°C for a full charge and discharge. Actual results may vary due to differences in test equipment, the test environment, personal usage patterns and habits. 8/12 GB Extended RAM is realized through software.

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