vivo Y21 delivers strong performance in a trendy slim design

vivo Y21 delivers strong performance in a trendy slim design

Young adults want it all. This group of people, comprising students and young professionals, have recently stepped out of the comforts of their homes to experience life on their own terms. Every day they’re learning something new and unique about this world. While accommodating to some and generously accepting the rest, these youngsters have been forming a narrative of their future selves, a future that is largely digital, a future that is growing to become technologically adept, a future where one smartphone will help them navigate through their day- they know precisely what they want and where to get it.

To encourage this vision and keep their passion burning, vivo, a leading global smartphone brand keeps innovating and researching to make technology accessible to everyone. vivo’s range of smartphones in its Y series is the epitome of this technological advancement. This smartphone in this segment is not only available to everyone but is also designed to absolute perfection, equipped with powerful features for its users. Here’s a look at its latest model, vivo Y21, a device you immediately want in your pockets.

Boxed in an 8.0mm Super Slim body with a side-mounted fingerprint scanner that provides a comfortable hand-held feel to the smartphone, vivo Y21 appears elegant and professional. The side-mounted fingerprint scanner is not just a looker, it also allows users to access the device quickly and easily. The first impression of a smartphone is largely attributed to its design features; therefore, it is imperative for smartphone brands to keep up with the latest smartphone designs.

With the Y21, the device has become significantly lighter by shedding a good 10g from its weight and 0.4mm from its thickness. Moreover, the middle-frame design of the smartphone is highlighted by the arc and the corners intelligently made to appear at right angles. What’s noteworthy is that the front of the phone features a superior 6.51” HD+ LCD Halo Display ensuring an immersive, true-to-life viewing experience.

While the smartphone’s design features have made the phone an attractive choice for users, here’s how the performance features are adding to its own charm. vivo Y21 encases a gigantic 5000mAh battery life in a slim and sturdy body that functions seamlessly during the day without the need to constantly look for a charging connection. In case the device does need to be plugged in, vivo Y21’s battery is supported by an 18W Fast Charge capacity via its Type-C charging port that powers the device in the blink of an eye.

For a generation that uses their smartphones for communication, information, entertainment, work etc, it is vital for the device to function smoothly. Thanks to its 4GB + 1GB Extended RAM, vivo Y21 gets rid of system lags and delivers a smooth smartphone experience. In addition to its large 64GB ROM, the device flaunts a 1TB memory expansion ability via an external SD card for users to store files permanently.

vivo’s Y21 is equipped with a 13MP main camera that captures beautifully detailed images in high quality and a 2MP macro camera that can focus on the subject from a mere distance of 4cm that enlarges the intricacies of the scene. Furthermore, the 8MP camera on the front captures clear, high-quality selfies at any time. Apart from Filter 2.0, featuring a diverse range of color filters for an enjoyable photography experience, the camera also displays a portrait mode that comes with a Pose Guide for users. The Pose Guide, built-in with basic photography poses assists users in clicking memorable selfies without feeling shy. The camera also features HDR imaging to synthesize photos for retention of the dark and bright portions of the image.

The smartphone is available for purchase in two highly dazzling color schemes of Metallic Blue and Diamond Glow, each with a unique texture. The device is now available for purchase all across Pakistan.

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